Who We Are


We started on the year 2016. Our attention is into,

  • Will the cloth have long life?
  • Is the product worth for the money we pay?
  • Is it a premium product?
  • No Junk products
  • Already picked designs. No need to pick again.


Sometimes, when we end up receiving a product which we'll not even bother to look at stores and had a lot of anticipation when we place the order by looking at the pictures displayed in the catalogue or wheresoever...... Looked embarasssssed Yourself? This is what triggered the idea of what if we feel the business as a meditation instead of just growing or being big or a means of money making. Yes. We are striving to make the business as meditation and a proud feeling that we got a chance to service someone and our touch is going to be felt by someone. After we receive the product, we must feel the value for the money we paid, the amount of effort that has been put into the detail of the product and a touch of care. That's what we are striving for.. on every note.



Contact Us


We are ready to help you any time. Please email us at customer@fallsbuy.com or reach us on phone 24/7 at +91 9901411006 or +91 8553797479



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Fallsbuy does not direct its websites to children under the age of eighteen. We require registered users of the site to be at least eighteen years old. If we learn that a user is under eighteen years of age, we will promptly delete any personal information that the individual has provided to us.

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